Consultation of an architect when buying a property
It is extremely rare that in the process of acquiring real estate, buyers invite an architect to look at an object, to give at least an oral opinion on the consumer qualities of the premises. Only a few "advanced" customers analyze the situation in advance, collect the initial information about the real estate that they want to purchase, about the possibilities of performing redevelopment in it.

However, it is most correct to turn to an experienced architect at this moment, so that, having studied the available information, he will state all the pros and cons and give certain solutions:
    • what redevelopment options are possible;
    • how you can beat these or those nuances of designs;
    • how successful the layout of the premises for arranging furniture is;
    • how to use space as efficiently as possible;
    • how to create an individual layout without high costs.
Consultation is carried out at the facility or in the office (by agreement). For consultation, depending on the issue to be solved, it is necessary to take the available documentation: plan, photos of the apartment or house, drawings or floor plans with dimensions.
Консультация включает изучение вопроса, после чего подкрепляется устными решениями, рекомендациями.

Consulting a designer on choosing a style solution, arranging furniture, decorating a room and choosing textiles (rooms from 100 m2) Often, when redevelopment and repairs are behind, many questions arise about style and interior decoration, which can only be answered by a competent specialist.

The designer will help determine your preferences in choosing the style of the interior, the color scheme of the interior, answer the following questions:

  • how to maximize the comfort of zoning rooms using furniture layouts;
  • how to choose furniture that will be combined with wall decoration, decor, curtains and the general style of the premises;
  • what decor items (paintings, vases, clocks, figurines, etc.) can decorate your interior of an apartment, home or office to achieve the best effect;
  • what models of curtains, fabrics and accessories are most suitable for the interior of your room in style, color and mood.
Development of a planning solution
The initial and very crucial stage in the development of a design project is a planning solution. This is a plan of the future premises, taking into account the location of the rooms, the functionality of the premises, the convenience and comfort of living, as well as building codes. Before you choose the style, colors, mood of the interior you need to decide on the desired layout of the apartment or house, understand the possible options for redevelopment and how to make the most of the useful area.
The planning solution of the interior includes:
  • measurement plan
  • redevelopment plan
  • partition dismantling plan
  • partition plan
  • furniture plan
    Making your dreams come true in several steps
    A common situation is when, starting to repair an apartment, people do not have a clear idea of the final result due to the lack of a well-thought-out design project. Many important details are overlooked. It is not surprising that then, already during the repair of the apartment, various questions, difficulties and even alterations constantly arise, which significantly increase the cost of repairs and slow down work.

    These difficulties can be avoided by pre-ordering the development of a design project for real professionals, masters of their craft. This will significantly save your time and money!
    Creation of AUTHOR'S, individual interiors from classic to modern, is carried out by specialists of our design and architectural department, taking into account all the requirements and priorities of the customer, as well as the functional and stylistic features of the interior.

    Stage 1: Development of architectural and planning solutions

    Development of an architectural and planning solution based on measurements of the facility, provided layouts, as well as the development of promising and optimal layouts based on the wishes of the customer.

    Stage 2: Development of the outline part of the project

    Production of 3D color sketches of the premises of the facility on the basis of an approved architectural and planning solution.
    At the request of the customer, it is possible to build photorealistic images using 3D Studio Max, which helps to visually see and evaluate your future interior in scale and color, without starting to repair the apartment.

    Stage 3: Development of working drawings based on the sketch part of the project approved by the customer.

    The list of working documentation of the design project:

    • Measurement plan
    • Partition dismantling / installation plan
    • Redevelopment plan
    • Plan of arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment
    • Explication Zoning Plan
    • Floor plan with floor marks, types of flooring, pattern and size
    • Floor heating plan
    • Plan and section of the ceiling indicating the material and types of lighting equipment
    • Tile Layout Plans
    • Wall reamers (if necessary)
    • Lighting plan indicating the types of lighting
    • Lighting plan linked to switches
    • Plan of electrical outlets and electrical leads
    • Door opening plan
    • Plumbing Equipment Plan
    • Layout of air conditioners and ventilation leads
    • Bill of Finishing Materials

    Stage 4: Repair work

    Any successful design project is based on high-quality decoration of the room. Our experts carry out all types of repair finishing work of any complexity. When performing work, various high-quality materials are used, and the use of exclusive materials is also possible.

    Stage 5: Interior Decorating

    A special part of creating a harmonious home atmosphere.
    The interior at the decoration stage takes the form of a finished figurative and style ensemble with a well-planned space, a sense of warmth and comfort of your home.

    Various interior items will help to make the design unique, create your own style and express individuality: paintings, lampshades, watches, mirrors, candlesticks, vases and other accessories. Thousands of little things that determine style accents and create an atmosphere of the interior, should take their rightful place in every home.

    The decorator selects finishing materials, furniture, lighting, textiles, decor accessories, bringing the finishing touches and thinking through all the details of a perfect home.
    In order for your interior to create excitement, add intriguing objects to it, create a mood

    Stage 6: Field Supervision

    Control of the author of the project with a planned visit to the facility during the entire repair, in order to ensure maximum compliance with technological, stylistic and construction decisions approved in the design project. If necessary, making adjustments or additions to the working drawings, as well as solving current issues arising from the customer and the construction contractor.

    The advantageous aspect of hiring a professional interior designer is that he takes the project upon himself and frees you from all the stresses during its implementation.

    To decide to change something, it's enough to see how bravely others act. It is important not to forget that without new ideas, life stops in place.
    We will offer you a choice from a wide range of equipment and furniture
    • lighting devices (spotlights, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, LED lights, etc.)
    • sanitary equipment for bathrooms and toilets (bathtubs, Jacuzzi, toilet bowls, bidet, faucets, heated towel rails, etc.)
    • furniture (cabinets, kitchens, shelves, racks, upholstered furniture, etc.)
    • household appliances
    • textile
    • accessories
    The service of furniture and equipment selection is:

    • development of an interior concept taking into account style preferences
    • computer arrangement of furniture and equipment
    • furniture and equipment search in catalogs of various manufacturers
    • development of drawings for the manufacture of individual furniture
    • the designer's visit, together with the Customer, to construction and furniture stores for the selection of furniture and equipment

    Дополнительные услуги:

    • 3D visualization of furniture and equipment
    • delivery and assembly of furniture and equipment
    • If you do not have enough time for the selection and procurement of materials, our designer will help you choose the best color and texture solution for your future interior.
    The list includes the whole range of materials:

    • Coatings for ceilings (paint, stucco molding, cornices, etc.);
    • Wall coverings (wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster, panels, cork, etc.);
    • Windows (plastic or wooden);
    • Floor coverings (ceramic tile, porcelain tile, laminate, parquet board, parquet cork, etc.);
    • Stained-glass windows, decor elements, etc. Design of doorways (doors: entrance, interior; arches, fabric partitions).
    The material selection service that our designers provide includes:

    • Professional advice on the types and properties of various materials, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each of them
    • Selection of the general style and style preferences of each type of material
    • Search for materials according to specified criteria
    • Determining the amount of each type of material
    • Purchasing selected materials from manufacturers or dealers and arranging delivery
    • Author's supervision
    Interior decoration, choose a style
    Style in interior decoration allows you to emphasize the individuality and character of the owner of the apartment or house, shop or cafe. Style in the design of interiors is characterized by a unique rhythm inherent only to it, color and spatial-spatial ratio.

    In the creative process of interior decoration, style is the basis. Style dictates the rules and proportions of combinations of interior elements.
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