What is included in the concept of "author's supervision"? This is a series of actions that the author of the design project undertakes to perform:
The designed interior design does not turn into a finished decorated room instantly, by magic; between the sketch and the final result lies the process of creating a new object. Author's support of the project is the best guarantee that all design settings will be strictly observed during the work and your apartment, office or restaurant will be like two drops of water similar to the sketch that you approved.

  • regularly visit the facility; the frequency is negotiated separately in each individual case and is fixed in the contract;
  • monitor the correct implementation of all project details at all stages of work;
  • select the decorative materials needed to create the interior;
  • promptly and competently make changes to the initial project, if objective circumstances require it (for example, the lack of necessary material on sale), or if the customer so desires, draw up the necessary additional documents;
  • advise the customer on the implementation of the interior, and direct performers on all issues related to the design project.
The progress of work support is reflected in detail in the diary (journal) of architectural supervision, which can be provided to the customer at any time.

If we formulate all of the above in one sentence - as the author of the project, we will take on the solution of all the problems that may arise during the work on creating your interior!

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